Use adjectives to describe nouns
Here Are My Hands
1. Introduce book  

Let's look at the book we read (fill in the time when you last read the book).

The title of the book is Here Are My Hands (run your finger along the title as you read it aloud) . The title, Here Are My Hands, (run your finger along title as you read it aloud) is on the front of the book (show children the front of the book).

What was this book about? Scaffold the children's responses by repeating what they say and adding to it.

2. Discuss describer verbs  

Let's think of words that describe or tell about parts of our body. We'll call these "describer words".

Model using descriptive words to talk about various body parts, i.e., small, round, big, still, quiet, smelly. Pair these descriptors with body parts to make elaborated nouns: small eyes, round head, smelly feet.

See examples below from Here Are My Hands.

As opportunities arise throughout the day, use descriptive terms when referring to the various body parts discussed in Here Are My Hands. For example, as children are washing their hands before snack, say, "Wash those dirty hands so they will be clean hands for snack," or you may say, "I like how you are ready for circle time. You have still hands and feet."

Catching hands
Throwing hands
Big, small, dirty, or clean hands  

Stopping feet
Going feet
Smelly, small, or wiggly feet

Thinking head
Knowing head
Round, big, or smart head  

Smelling nose
Blowing nose
Sneezing or runny nose

Seeing eyes
Crying eyes
Looking or closed eyes  

Listening ears  

Skinned knees
Bony knees  

Turning neck  

Red cheeks

White teeth
Chewing teeth

Bony or pointy elbow
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