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MTP Consultancy
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The most intensive level of professional development offered by MTP is the MTP consultancy. Teachers receive individualized professional development within the context of the teacher-consultant relationship that focuses on teachers' own classroom practices. Teachers who participate in the consultancy receive access to the interactive MTP website. See how the consultancy process works below.
How the Consultancy Process Works

The MTP Consultancy consists of ongoing cycles of observation, reflection, and consultation based on teachers' own practice.

Step 1 Videotaping
Teachers videotape themselves implementing an MTP lesson once every 2 weeks.
Step 2 Editing and Posting on Secured Website
The MTP Consultant edits the classroom observation video and then posts the edited video and written prompts for review by the teacher on a secured website.
Step 3 Teacher Review and Reflection
The teacher views edited video and responds to prompts, which are designed to promote reflective thought on the part of the teacher.
Step 4 Videoconference
After the teacher has viewed the video, the teacher and the consultant participate in a videoconference. They discuss the edited classroom video and issues related to classroom performance and determine goals for future cycles.

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