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What is our mission?

The Internet is more than just a place where we kill our free time - it's a huge number of useful sources of information we must use for our development. You may think that the main source of knowledge is education, but students and teachers often need an additional source of knowledge, and it's okay. Teachers use sources to develop their teaching skills and improve the quality of education. In contrast, students use the Internet to find information to do homework faster or even get online assistance. Amazingly, students can even buy thesis paper online. Twenty years ago, it was literally impossible, and everything the students could do was to use online libraries and books to assist themselves. Now they can refuse to write any college paper and trust it to a more experienced person. Isn't it amazing? You just pay money and get a guarantee that your paper will be of outstanding quality and will be delivered on time.

The mission of MyTeachingPartner (MTP) is to provide teachers with professional development resources to help young children succeed, particularly students likely to struggle in school. We do this by providing teachers with high-quality, evidence-based teaching tools and support for their work with children.
What tools does MTP provide for teachers?
MTP provides teachers with 3 tools that can be combined for maximum effect or used separately.
mtp website
MTP Website
A collection of teaching resources focusing on high-quality implementation of language and literacy activities and building effective child-teacher relationships.
mtp activities
MTP Activities
The MTP Language and Literacy Curriculum and a Social-Emotional Development curriculum.
mtp consultancy
MTP Consultancy
Helping teachers be their best through feedback and support.
mtp website mtp_activities
mtp consultancy
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